Easter Breich Wood Community Group

The Easter Breich Community wood group was set up to purchase and manage a community woodland which is located between West Calder, Seafield and Polbeth communities.

The woodland can be located on Google Maps, the woodland was purchased on behalf of the community via a grant provided by the Scottish Land Fund.

The woodland is bounded to the north by the Almond River and to the East by the Breich Water. It is a beautiful wild place consisting of 25 year old mixed tree species and it is a really important place for people to enjoy nature and a home for a diverse range of wildlife including wild birds, deer, otter and many more creatures.

The woodland paths include a section of the 25km Shale Trail commemorating West Lothians shale mining history- Look out for the shale trail signs along the route . Following these signs from the start in West Calder will take you to the wood.

Parking is very limited and the best way to get there is either on foot or by cycling. The wood sup-ports cycling, horse riding as well as walking but please be respectful of other users.

The Easter Breich Community Wood Group works with both the West Calder and Harburn Community Development Trust and with The Community Woods and Garden in Polbeth for the management and upkeep of the woodland. We do need further help from volunteers so please join our list of volunteers to be alerted to future volunteer activities by contacting [email protected] or by joining our FaceBook page.

As well as woodland upkeep many interesting activities are organised which the community can participate in these include photography walks, and nature walks guided by a ranger. As part of our conservation activities which are available for community participation we are members of the Riverfly Partnership, trained by the charity Buglife, and we are also members of Freshwater Watch, monitoring the health of our rivers and pond.

Please visit your woodland and enjoy its wild beauty and please participate in any activities which you see and which might interest you.

If you are interested in getting involved please check out our Facebook page.