Opportunity to apply for a grant to support a project to benefit your community



At West Calder and Harburn Community Development Trust, we are dedicated to supporting the local community. Our fireworks event, Santa Parade, Brunch Club and Seniors Christmas dinner, are good examples of how we do that.

We have benefitted from some grant funding from the Longhill Wind farm and felt it was the perfect opportunity to let individuals and groups from within the local community to apply for a grant that can be invested into doing something good for our community.

If you’re interested in applying, register your project using the form below, view the details of the scheme criteria before registering. If you’re successful in obtaining a grant you would have to demonstrate the positive impact on the community.


Case Study

Grant funds of £700 were awarded with the objective of supporting vulnerable families within the local community.

To do this it was agreed that the money would be used to purchase an annual Five Sisters Family Zoo pass. The aim was to let a family of up to 4, have a day out at the Zoo at no or minimal cost.

A system was agreed whereby families were identified and given access to the pass. The pass was distributed as required meaning that one family each day could enjoy a day out at the zoo.

A positive outcome, demonstrating that families who might not otherwise have been able to afford a family day out were able to enjoy one.

Scheme criteria 

Grants from £500 to £5000 will be considered by the grant committee of applications received by 31st March from groups and organisations based within West Calder & Harburn.

  • Improve the appearance of public spaces.
  • Increase access to community facilities.
  • Promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable and green energy within community facilities.
  • Encourage sustainability of community organisations.
  • Promote active healthy lifestyles and wellbeing.
  • Develop walking and cycling paths.
  • Increase training, life, and work experiences for young people.
  • Support community events which bring the community together.
  • Allow opportunities for volunteering or supporting and celebrating the work of volunteers.