Village Improvements

It’s important to the Trust that West Calder looks its best for the Community and to the folks who visit our village. Over the last few years our village Improvement initiative has delivered new flower beds in Union Square, the Main Street and beyond. Hanging baskets can be found in all their glory outside some of the retailers on Main Street.  

Three old red phone boxes have been tastefully decorated by local artist Calum McCarra. One with a canary to represent the mining that took place at Burngrange, one with Sunflowers which is aptly situated in our Community Wood and Garden and lastly, one with a majestic deer to represent our rural location.  

Artistic and informative signs are situated at the railway station as well as throughout the village and the Shale trail. More are planned to add to our rich heritage so watch this space. 

More recently we introduced dog poo bins, with the artwork being completed by the pupils of Parkhead Primary School. These funky bins which are complete with dog poo bags can be found dotted around the village. 

If there’s anything you think would add character to our village be sure to let us know at the Trust.